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Pyrolysis Plant

We help you clean up the world by converting waste plastic and tire into oil and energy. At Pyrocrat, we help you manage waste and recover value from waste. If you have access to large quantities of waste plastic or tires, we can help you convert this waste into oil, carbon and gas using state of art Pyrolysis Plants established by us.

Pyrocrat Systems LLP is specialized in establishing large scale waste plastic and tire pyrolysis plants. We have sold experience in plastic & tire waste management. Plant and machinery provided by us are fully automated and proven for excellence in terms of safety and performance. 

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How to select best pyrolysis plant supplier?

12 things - iconPoints that will help you to select better pyrolysis plant technology and machinery.

There are number of engineery companies in market offering various types of plastic and tyre pyrolysis solutions. The pyrolysis solution that suites you best depends on factors like: Safety, Efficiency, Manpower, Investment, Environmental concerns, raw material suitability etc. This artical will help you select the right pyrolysis plant supplier.


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Resource requirements for Establishing Pyrolysis Plant

What resources are required for establishing pyrolysis plant?

Land? Building?Power? Manpower? Building? Water?Electricity? Raw material? Chemicals? Input-Output? Etc…

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FAQ – Pyrocrat Systems LLP

FAQ - Plastic & Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Answers to:

"Who? What? How? When? Where? "

about pyrolysis plant.

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Pyrolysis Technology Development at Pyrocrat Systems LLP

Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant At Pyrocrat Systems LLP we have unmatched technology and robust machinery for continuous type plastic and tire pyrolysis. Through years of experience and hard work we have overcome necessary challenges to delivery plant capacity, ensure more than 85% of uptime of plant and compliance with Health/Safety/Emission norms prescribed by environmental departments. 

In recent years, Pyrocrat Systems LLP has achieved remarkably higher customer satisfaction though these developments in machinery and technology. This article discusses the stages of technology development from 1st generation of pyrolysis plants in 2004 to 9th generation of pyrolysis plants in 2013.

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Safety concerns in Batch type Tire Pyrolysis Plants

In last 10 years, batch type tire pyrolysis plants have been installed across the world and are known for the profitability but compromised safety.  Typical batch tire pyrolysis plant has 5MT to 12MT loading capacity of tires. This article is to review the environmental, health & safety concerns regarding batch tire pyrolysis plants. 100s of workers, operators and investors have died in such batch type tire plant due to explosion or accident. Given below is the detailed chart that explains the accident risk involved in batch tire plant.

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Gas Handling System for existing Pyrolysis Plants

Pyrolysis Gas Problem in Batch type tire Plants:

  1. Every day there is requirement of wood costing Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 12,000 for heating the reactor. The plant operates for 22 days per month. The monthly wood expenses for plant amount to Rs. 110,000 to Rs. 264,000.
  2. There is lot of gas generated during tire pyrolysis out of which only 25% is used for combustion and rest of the gas is released in environment causing massive air pollution and smell around the plant. Gas smell is main cause of closure of batch type tire pyrolysis plants by Pollution Control Board.
  3. About 75% of gas which is not utilized for firing is wasted due to lack of gas handling system. This brings down the energy efficiency & profitability of the plant. 
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