Tire to Oil

Tire to Oil plant is an industry that converts waste Tire into Oil, Carbon Black & Hydrocarbon Gas.


Tire pyrolysis plant raw material and finished products
Tire pyrolysis plant raw material and finished products

Tire to oil plants produce diesel quality fuel oil. This oil is used as liquid fuel in industrial burners. Tire to oil plant is also known as: pyrolysis unit, tire pyrolysis plant, tire to fuel industry, etc.

Tire to Oil Pyrolysis plant falls under following categories of industrial projects:

  • Waste to energy project
  • Waste plastic and tire pollution control equipment
  • Renewable energy project
  • Petrochemical

We establish large scale tire to oil plants on turnkey basis (View photos). The total turnkey supply includes of machinery designing & simulation, equipment manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning, technology transfer and operational training. We are one of the prominent leaders in establishing pyrolysis plants on turnkey basis.

Advantages of tire to oil manufactured & supplied by Pyrocrat Systems:

  • Purest quality of pyrolysis oil as finished product
  • Use of green technology to achieve Environment friendly processes
  • Both plastic & tire can be used as raw material
  • Continuous type pyrolysis process
  • Breakthrough technologies used to improve safety, profitability & ease of operation
  • More than 90% of machinery parts are non-moving: this reduces the recurring maintenance.
  • Proven machinery and technology since 2005
  • Industry is energy self-sufficient
  • No external fuel required for heating

Following diagram shows the typical process flow.

Tire to Oil