Invest in APChemi

APChemi is a leading supplier of pyrolysis technology and plants. APChemi has commissioned over 30 pyrolysis plants to date. We are supported by startup acceleration programs of Royal Dutch Shell ​as well as Alliance to End Plastic Waste. Plastic pyrolysis is expected to be a USD25.4 billion profit industry by 2030.[ref] APChemi being a leader and a key player in this sunrise industry, intends to have a reasonable market share. APChemi is in process of raising funds for deploying patented 50TPD single reactor pyrolysis technology. In addition to 7 patents already published, APChemi has a promising innovation pipeline. APChemi inspires to license technologies to over 100 pyrolysis projects by 2030. APChemi inspires to add immense value to the plastic as well as biomass pyrolysis industry.


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