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Pyrolysis Plant and Machinery Supplier: FAQ

Key considerations.

Q: What are the key packages which are provided by the pyrolysis plant and machinery supplier?

A: Pyrolysis reactor system, airlock seeding system, condensation system, pyrolysis residue discharge system, utility packages and storage.


Q: What are the various schools and standards which are considered while designing pyrolysis plant and machinery?

A: ASME, ASTM, ANSI, API, IEC, OSHA, NFPA, Country specific standards, Client's own Standards, Technology Supplier's Own Standards.


Q: What are the key considerations while developing and operating pyrolysis plant and machinery?

A: compliance to air and water emission norms, compliance to the industrial safety standards, what if analysis study, HAZOP recommendations, equipment safety factor analysis and stress analysis, feedstock specifications, specifications of the desired and product, etc.


Q: Who should operate pyrolysis plant in machinery?

A: A team with prior experience in operating a chemical process plant would be apt for operating a pyrolysis plant. Well qualified and trained plant operators are important to ensure process safety, equipment safety as well as human safety.


Q: What is the key risk factor in operating pyrolysis plant and machinery?

A: Dealing with highly flammable end products.


Q: How to select pyrolysis plant and machinery supplier?

A: Once you have selected the pyrolysis technology supplier, search technology supplier should be able to recommend you the supplier for pyrolysis plant and machinery. Also check if your organisation has list of approved equipment manufacturers. You may seek APChemi's help by filling up this request for proposal:


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