It is my vision to see a world where people rightfully view plastics as a sustainable, well-engineered, environment-friendly and circular-economy product for modern society. Let's learn to recycle plastic waste in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner. Technology is available, solutions are available. Our conscience is calling us.


- Suhas Dixit

Suhas Dixit is the founder and director of APChemi (Agile Process Chemicals), leaders in the chemical recycling of waste plastics. He founded APChemi in 2007 with a vision to promote chemical recycling of end-of-life plastic waste in a very transparent and sustainable way. Today, APChemi is the leading technology licensor for chemically recycling the toughest and the dirtiest of plastics, including ‘multilayer-packaging’ and ‘municipal solid waste segregated plastics’. Suhas Dixit is an inventor with a number of patents in the domain of Plastic and Biomass Pyrolysis. It is the motto of Suhas Dixit to review faulty plastic waste management systems in place and promote necessary innovation to make progress. Today, under the leadership of Suhas Dixit, APChemi has achieved leadership status in the area of plastic and biomass pyrolysis respectively. Suhas Dixit is alumni of Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Matunga, Mumbai.

The professional expertise of Suhas Dixit: 

  1. Technology development & technology licencing in the domain of pyrolysis.

  2. Pyrolysis of mixed plastic, multilayer plastic, flexible packaging films, PET, PVC, RDF, tyre, biomass, waste oil, waxes, soap and sludge.

  3. Pyrolysis plant design, manufacture, EPC, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

  4. Consultant in the domain of Pyrolysis for troubleshooting, planning, turnkey solutions, research and sustainable development.

Contact Coordinates:

Ms Prachi Mumbaikar,
Assistant to Suhas Dixit,