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Suhas Dixit is an innovative entrepreneur in the domain of advanced recycling and second-generation biofuels. He is a chemist by training, agile thinker, and innovative strategist. He is focused on building end-to-end collaborations between the key stakeholders in plastic circularity and decarbonisation.


Inventor of over 12 patents, Suhas is passionate about developing technologies for producing high-quality liquids from plastic and biomass waste. He is equally passionate about building cross-value-chain synergies for unlocking advanced recycling of plastic waste. 


Suhas is also the founder and CEO of APChemi. APChemi is focused on eliminating two of the world’s most important problems: plastic pollution through chemical recycling and air pollution through biofuel production. Over the last 12 years, APChemi has supplied 47 projects in plastic pyrolysis and oil purification. APChemi's technology and business model is focused on converting plastic and biomass waste into high-quality oils for downstream production of circular economy plastics, retail-blended-biofuels, and sustainable chemicals. APChemi’s solutions enable plastic circularity and decarbonisation using landfill plastic waste and ocean-bound plastic waste. 


Additionally, he is an insightful keynote speaker at international forums on Plastic Pyrolysis, Chemicals/Advanced Recycling, Plastic Waste Management and Sustainability. 


He is pursuing his Doctorate in Business Administration at the Swiss School of Business and Management - Geneva, with a focus on Advanced Recycling of Landfill and Ocean Plastic Waste.

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