Disposal of Multi-layer packaging waste


In the Year 2018, APChemi has solved the tough challenge of the chemical recycling of Multi-layer packaging waste. APChemi has developed technical know-how for chemical recycling of any quantity of multi-layer packaging waste including containing PE, PP, Paper, Aluminium, PET, BOPP etc. 

Municipal solid waste segregated plastic to fuel.


APChemi has more than 4 years of expertise in chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste obtained from municipal solid waste segregated plastic waste. To know more, click here.

European standard pyrolysis plant.


APChemi has the in-house expertise to design, manufacture, supply, install and commission the pyrolysis plant to match CE & ATEX standards. We can also match ASTM standards. Let us know what standards you need to follow and we will get the job done for you.

EU Investor Exposure to Plastics Recycling Policies: Chemical Recycling, Pyrolysis, PCR, Resins


Looking to understand the connection between biodiversity collapse, plastics pollution and new technology opportunities? Watch our webinar to hear a panel of experts discuss current research into EU resins, plastics packaging and the investors financing the industry. Panel Discussion between: 1) David Clark (Amcor)  2) Suhas Dixit (APChemi) : https://www.linkedin.com/in/suhas-dixit/ 3) Gabriel Thoumi (Planet Tracker) 4) Luann Farrell (Nexant)  5) Owen Reynolds (Expon) :


Source: https://planet-tracker.org/

End-to-end Solution for Sustainable Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste | SUHAS DIXIT, CEO, APChemi


Presentation is divided into 4 parts:
1) Legislations that push chemical recycling
2) Urgency of chemical recycling
3) Bottlenecks of chemical recycling
4) APChemi's end-to-end solution

Plastic Waste Management| SUHAS DIXIT, CEO, APChemi


On 15th November 2019, at RACE2 conference held at Hotel Taj, Mumbai Airport, Mr Suhas Dixit, Founder of APChemi delivered a speech on Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste.

Biomass Pyrolysis Technology by APChemi


APChemi has commercially proven its patented technologies for the conversion of biomass waste into high-quality second-generation biofuels including Euro-6 quality petrol and diesel.