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Feel free to swift through this website as "FAQ" for Pyrolysis Plant and Chemical Recycling of plastic waste. You also might find the Video section very informative...

Also, please feel free to contact us with your questions about pyrolysis and pyrolysis oil!

About APChemi.
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APChemi has end-to-end expertise in producing high-quality liquids from post-consumer plastic waste. Starting from plastic segregation, shredding, washing, drying, pyrolysis as well as oil purification. We continue to develop technology, engineer projects, manufacture machinery, install, commission and operate plants.


Since 2007, we have combined experience of 132 years in pyrolysis. Our plants have processed 179 million kg of plastic waste over 1.3 million hours of plant operation. 

Our technology and business model is to convert plastic and biomass waste into the required quality of oil for downstream production of circular economy plastics, retail-blended-biofuels and sustainable chemicals. For more information, visit: 

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