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Plastic Pyrolysis Machine

Plastic pyrolysis machine converts plastic waste into three by-products namely oil, gas and char.

Q: What are the key components of pyrolysis plant in missionary?

A: The key components to consider are:

  • Airlock seeding system

  • Pyrolysis reactor system

  • Condensation system

  • Pyrolysis residue discharge system

  • Utilities & storages

  • Fire-safety package


Q: What is the typical output from plastic pyrolysis machinery?

A: The output depends largely on inputs in terms of quality of plastic waste and the technology which has been used to process the waste. The output are namely:

  • Pyrolysis Oil ≈ 50 to 80% ( the quality increases with polyolefin content in the feedstock)

  • Pyrolysis Gas ≈ 17 to 35%

  • Pyrolysis residue ≈ 3 to 25% (increases when there is ash content in the feedstock)


Pyrolysis Plant Machinery Video:

Should you require more formation, please visit:


Q: What are types of pyrolysis technologies?

A: Pyrolysis, hydrothermal pyrolysis, plasma pyrolysis. Please note that these technologies may or may not involve use catalyst.


Q: What are the types of pyrolysis reactor?

A: The types of pyrolysis reactor are ;

1. Design types

  • Stationary Kiln (Vertical/horizontal),

  • Rotary kiln,

  • Fluidised Bed Reactor.

2. Process Operation types:

  • Continuous,

  • Semi-Continuous,

  • Batch.


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