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Agile Process Chemicals LLP (APChemi) has proven the technology for pyrolysis of waste plastic, tyre and biomass. Since 2007, APChemi has commissioned more than 30 reactors. Today, APChemi's patented technology prevents landfilling of more than 75,000kg/day of plastic waste. APChemi has an excellent team of engineers, research facility, machinery fabrication shop, pyrolysis plant operation and maintenance team. APChemi engineers have been trained for compliance with 'European CE, ATEX standards' as well as the ASME design code. Since over a decade, APChemi as a company is known for being very transparent, robust and cost-effective partners in sustainable pyrolysis of waste plastics, tyre and biomass.


of the pyrolysis plants engineered & operated by APChemi.


APChemi's view on investing in the chemical recycling of plastics.

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Technology & Machinery Supplier
  • Produce up to 90% fuel from mixed plastic waste of polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, etc.

  • Technology proved for over 10+ years

  • Patented technology

  • Technology for the production of petrol, diesel, naphtha, kerosene, lubricants, jet fuel, etc.

  • Robust research and development

  • Circular Economy for plastics: plastic is manufactured from oil and gas, let's convert plastic waste back to oil and gas.

Life-cycle partner for plastic to fuel operation and technology development
  • Process plastic, tire, waste oil, biomass in the same reactor.

  • Designed with safety 1st in mind.

  • Compliance to international standards like ATEX, CE, ASTM, etc.

  • Design & simulation software used: FEMAP with NASTRAN, Aspen HYSYS, PV Elite, Siemens Solid Edge ST6, etc.

  • Extensive use of automation for safety and manpower reduction